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What Is the Current Market Value of Gold in India?

Unit Indian currency (INR) rupees
1 kg 24K 4,835,000
1 g 24K (99.5%) 4,811
1 g 22K 4,521
8 g 22K 36,168

What is the price of 3.5 grams of gold?

The current price of gold in India is 15595.12333 INR per 3.5 grams.

10 gram of gold trading at Rs 51,760, price of 1 kg silver is Rs 69,000

Just how much does 24 karat gold cost per gram?

Presently, a gram of pure 24 karat gold costs $58.21. As of Right Now in Terms of Current US Dollar per Gram Prices for Gold

Gold Money Spent Per Gram Market
24k $58.21 USD
23k $55.77 USD
22k $53.38 USD
21.6k $52.39 USD

In terms of gold value, how much is 3.8 grams?

Taking that number and dividing it by 24, we get a purity of 58.3 percent for the gold. To determine your item’s worth, multiply its weight in grams by its current selling price. The bangles weigh a total of 3.8 grams, for a total value of $135 based on 58.3 percent of $232.18.

How many Pavan is 1 kg?

In this case, 1 Kg (1000 grams) is equivalent to 1000/8, or 125 Pavan (sovereigns).

How many Tola is 1kg?

85.735 tola
There are 85.735 tola in one kilogram of gold.

How does one determine the Pavan?

It takes eight grams of gold to equal one pavan. One Pavan is equivalent to eight grams of gold. Poun is a synonym of pavan.

Just how many kilos is ten Tola?

Conversion Table from Tolas to Kilograms

As the locals say, “tola” Metric system prefix symbol:
8 0.09328
9 0.10494
10 0.1166
100 1.17

How much is 5 kg in Tola?

To be exact, the number is 85.7352623307. We’ll assume you need to know how many kilograms are in one tola (the Indian unit of weight). Additional information about each unit of measurement is available here: a kilo or a tola One kilogram is the standard international unit of mass. In terms of weight, 1 kilo is equivalent to 85.735260233307 tola.

What is the size of 1 gram of gold?

Details of the Item Being Sold

Purity: The minimum purity of the gold is 99.99% (24 karat).
Value in Gold Grams: To the nearest gram (or.0322 troy ounce): 1
Inches of Package Breadth: 2-1/8″
Dimensions (Box): 3-3/8″
Depth (of the Box): 3/16″