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Business, government, transportation, finance, real estate, healthcare, education, and social work are all examples of tertiary sector industries. non-commercial industries such as government, schools, hospitals, and social service.

What are the types of tertiary industry?

What You Need to Know About the Third Sector There are two primary sectors within the tertiary economy. The first category includes profit-driven sectors like banking and trading. The second type is the nonprofit sector, which provides necessities like public education for free to the public.

Please tell me about the most important Mexican service sector.

The Secretary of State for Trade of Mexico reports that in 2019 the following service industry sub-sectors made significant contributions to Mexico’s GDP: trade (18.9%), real estate and rental services (9.7%), tourism (8.9%), transportation, postal service, and storage (6.1%), and finance and insurance (4.0%).

Is baking considered a secondary industry?

To cite just a few examples: the production of baked goods, metal, and textiles. Activities that can’t be classified as either primary or secondary are said to be tertiary. These services bolster both primary and secondary endeavors. Businesses like Advertising and Banking are good examples.

What Are Tertiary Sectors? Industry Defined, With Examples

What are the main exports from Mexico?

Machinery and transportation equipment, steel, electrical equipment, chemicals, food, and petroleum and petroleum products are some of Mexico’s top exports. The United States imports roughly 80% of Mexico’s petroleum, and Mexico is a major supplier to them.

What’s the national flower of Mexico?

The dahlia was officially named Mexico’s national flower in 1963.

If Apple is so important, then why is it considered a niche player?

The Apple industry spans the secondary, tertiary, and even the quaternary levels. Apple creates its own supply, making products and providing services in factories (tertiary). Most of their vehicles include a GPS and internet access (tertiary) and so are practical modes of transportation.