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Unocal’s upstream petroleum operations were acquired by Chevron on August 10, 2005, and the company subsequently became a wholly owned subsidiary of Chevron. The company Unocal subsequently ceased to exist.

Who owns Unocal Corporation?

Company, Chevron
Parent and Subsidiary Companies of Unocal

A definition of Unocal Myanmar would be helpful.

Summary. A landmark lawsuit was filed against Unocal, a U.S. oil and gas company, after it partnered with the notorious Burmese military to construct a gas pipeline despite knowing that the military would commit human rights abuses. Major players in the conflict include Unocal, the French oil company Total, and the Burmese government.

The Unocal rule is defined as.

A standard developed in Unocal Corp. The first element is the reasonableness test, which requires the targeted board to provide evidence that it had reasonable grounds to suspect a threat to the efficiency and viability of the business.

China oil firm tries to ease worries on Unocal

Did Chevron buy Unocal?

On Monday, ChevronTexaco Corp. agreed to acquire Unocal Corp. for $16.4 billion, bringing together two California-based energy companies in a transaction spurred in part by record oil prices.

Who owns Phillips 66?

The Berkshire Hathaway
Phillips 66 is just one of many well-known companies that are held in substantial ownership by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK. A)(NYSE:BRK.B). Berkshire Hathaway has a total of over 80 million shares, making it the seventh largest stock holding at a value of over $6 billion.

How did Unocal, a US oil company, become involved in the politics of Burma?

Several factors drew Unocal to Burma. For starters, workers were inexpensive and had a decent level of education. Natural gas was another abundant resource in Burma. Third, Southeast Asian and international markets in general were accessible through Burma.

Exactly what does the abbreviation Unocal refer to?


Acronym Definition
UNOCAL The official name of this business is Union Oil of California.

What is the entire fairness standard?

For the highest level of scrutiny, courts must decide whether a transaction is entirely fair to the insolvent company’s residual beneficiaries under the entire fairness standard. For a court to rule that a transaction is entirely fair, it must conduct a thorough analysis of all of its components.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Unocal?

The vote on Wednesday effectively ended Unocal’s 115 years of operating independently. “I want to welcome Unocal employees to our company,” said Chevron CEO David O’Reilly.

How does Unocal Energy do business?

In addition to its involvement in the petroleum pipeline industry, Unocal also produces geothermal energy. Up until the middle to late 1990s, Unocal was a fully integrated oil company.

Unocal was purchased by Chevron, but at what cost?

On Wednesday, oil giant Chevron Corp. completed the $17.9 billion purchase of Unocal Corp., marking the conclusion of a protracted four-month takeover that sparked an international bidding war and strained U.S. relations with China.

What was the price of Unocal stock in 1985?

Mesa, which owned about 13% of Unocal at the time, initiated a two-tier “front loaded” cash tender offer for 64 million shares, or about 37% of Unocal’s outstanding stock, on April 8, 1985 at a price of $54 per share.