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Scale of Values

$2.00 $4.50 $200

How much is a 1870 Indian head penny worth?

According to the USA Coin Book, an 1870 Indian Head Penny (Shallow N Variety) in Good condition is worth $109, while one in Uncirculated (MS ) Mint State is worth $593 to $1,003 or more. The Value of Proof Coins Can Reach $469 and Higher.

Half Penny 1873 - British Coins price guide and values - Coins and United  Kingdom

Value of a penny from 1870?

Cost of an Indian Head in 1870

Narrow Shallow 1870 $80 $500
1870 Bold N $55 $450
From the Official Government Red Book

In 1873, the Indian Head penny was minted; what was its value?

The value of the Indian head penny in 1873 carries on the trend of the early years. It’s worth a lot more than the common cents from the 1890s onward. The condition of an antique coin is a major factor in determining its worth. The demand for Indian pennies in excellent condition is driven by serious collectors who want only the best for their collections.

What was the value of a penny in 1870?

Coins of the United Kingdom issued during the reign of Queen Victoria feature her profile with a veil over her eyes. These coins were in circulation from 1895 to 1901. Penny from the United Kingdom, 1875, large date Victoria Small date penny from the United Kingdom, 1875 h 1875 h, Victoria

What’s the value of a 1857 Flying Eagle Penny?

A Flying Eagle Cent is a small cent from 1857 or 1858. If you wanted to sell your worn out Flying Eagle Cent to a coin dealer, you could expect to get between $15 and $25 for it.

Which Lincoln Cent is the Best?

Always keep your eyes peeled for that one-of-a-kind 1909-S VDB. Collectors place the highest premium on this coin, making it the most valuable type in any condition. Additional valuable dates include the 1909-S (no VDB on the reverse), 1914-D, and 1931-S. How Much Is My Lincoln Memorial Cent Worth? Cent commemorating Abraham Lincoln, available at Heritage Auction Galleries (www.ha.com).