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The minimum number of units that must be sold to generate a profit of? 50,000 is 500, and the maximum number of units that can be sold is 750.

How do you calculate break-even output?

The following is a helpful reminder of an essential formula:

  1. Per-unit contribution = retail price minus variable production costs.
  2. The number of units produced before costs exceed revenues is the break-even point.
  3. Therefore, profitable production is 6,666 units.

Determine the point of no return in terms of output.

When total revenues are equal to total expenses, the business is said to have reached break-even. How many units a company must sell in order to reach the break-even point (BEP) can be calculated using the break-even output.

Break-even point The break-even point is the point where Revenue = Expenses  and Profit = ppt download

How much money can be made at the most?

Maximum Profit Criteria Maximum revenue is the maximum possible profit a good or service can make when sold at the highest possible price and is in highest possible demand.

How do you calculate break-even in business?

Profitability = Fixed Expenses minus Profit Margin This calculator can help you figure out the break-even point for each product in your lineup.

What is break even GCSE?

When a company’s revenue is equal to its expenses, it has reached the break-even point and is no longer making a profit or a loss. The company will be profitable if it can sell at production levels above this threshold.

In accounting, what does the P V ratio mean?

The percentage expressed as a ratio of profits to sales volumes shows how much of a contribution each generates. It is the ratio of sales to contribution that reveals how much money was brought in for every rupee spent. The profit-volume ratio also rises if marginal costs are lowered while selling prices remain unchanged.

The question is, how do you solve for the maximum possible revenue?

It is possible to calculate the maximum revenue by using the formula: revenue = price multiplied by quantity.

  1. The expression R (q) = pqdisplaystyle R(q)=p*q}
  2. The expression R (q) equals 505,000 (displaystyle: R(q)=505,000).
  3. The value of R (q) is 250,000, or “displaystyle R(q)=250,000.”