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New Hampshire, Oregon, Delaware, Montana, and Alaska are among the states that do not impose a sales tax. Sales tax exemptions: there are some instances in which you do not have to pay sales tax on a vehicle regardless of where you live.

Can I buy a car in Delaware if I live in Pennsylvania?

Even if you buy a car in a tax-free state, residents of states where sales tax is not collected are still required to remit tax payments to their home states. Not a single dime is spared. The vehicle’s registration fee in Pennsylvania will be assessed after purchase in Delaware.

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How much do car buyers in Delaware have to pay in taxes?

4.25 percent of the greater of the purchase price or the NADA Fair Market Value. 3.75 percent is the Mobile Home Document Fee.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a car in Delaware?

Some states don’t require buyers to pay sales tax, but instead levy use taxes that can be just as high depending on where the vehicle is purchased. Autobytel claims that learning about sales tax and other vehicle fees in advance can make buying a car in Delaware a pleasant experience.

What is the sales tax on a vehicle purchase in PA?

The state of Pennsylvania charges a 6% sales tax on the purchase of automobiles throughout the state, with the exception of Allegheny County and the city of Philadelphia.

Buying a car in Delaware: Tips for cutting costs.

Among the methods by which you can save money by not paying auto tax are: Vehicle purchase in a no-tax state: Buying a car in a state with no sales tax is possible if you do your homework, as recommended by the Delaware Government’s Division of Motor Vehicles.

Do you have to pay sales tax when buying a car from another state?

Paying the tax to the dealer or private party selling the used car is optional, but paying it when you register the car in your home state is mandatory. Additionally, even if you’ve already paid sales tax on a vehicle purchased elsewhere, some states, like California, impose use fees upon its importation.