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Can you refuse to hire someone with a criminal record?

The right of an employer to inquire about a candidate’s criminal record is not protected by federal law. However, federal equal employment opportunity laws do prohibit discrimination based on a candidate’s or employee’s criminal record. They don’t give the employer a good idea of whether or not the applicant will be a responsible, reliable, and safe worker.

How does a suspended imposition of sentence work?

Without actually receiving a sentence from the judge, a defendant may be placed on probation in the form of a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS). If the defendant completes their probation without incident, the court will consider their sentence to have been served.

Can you be convicted of a crime with a SIS?

Probation is a possible sentence that the trial court can impose. If they break the terms of their probation, they face the maximum penalty associated with their conviction.

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Can you tell me how long a suspended sentence will stay on my record?

The ‘buffer’ time begins when a prison term is completed. To illustrate, if in January 2014 you were given a 12-month suspended sentence (suspended for 2 years), the buffer period would be 4 years, beginning in January 2015. In January of 2019, the conviction would be considered final and the sentence would be completed.

Why would a judge give a suspended sentence?

A court-ordered prison term that is later suspended (or “delayed”) is known as a “suspended” sentence. If the court finds that the defendant needs more time to complete probation, addiction treatment, or community service, it may suspend the prison sentence.

Is a suspended sentence a conviction?

A conviction is still a conviction even though a suspended sentence allows you to remain productively employed in society. You will be able to see it on your record if you are ever convicted of any other crimes, as it has been entered into the Police National Computer.

Would having an SIS show up on a criminal record check?

While you are on probation following a sentence of Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS), the case is still open and accessible to the public. Probation status is public information and will appear on even the most basic background check.

In other words, what constitutes a crime under the SIS?

A special judgment called a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS) enters a conviction but suspends sentence for a specified period of probation, giving the defendant a chance to demonstrate remorse and rehabilitative growth by meeting the terms of their probation.

Can a employer see the suspended imposition of a sentence?

However, the details of the case and the verdict are recorded in the court’s files and could be uncovered by conducting a simple background check. If an employer ever asks if you have any criminal convictions, and you have an SIS, you can confidently say no.

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Can you legally explain to a rejected job applicant why you chose not to hire them?

The vast majority of businesses are not compelled by law to disclose the reasons they did not hire an applicant.

What are the repercussions of employing someone who has a history of criminal behavior?

Human resources doesn’t deserve any praise if they hire a candidate with a checkered past but who turns out to be a stellar employee. However, if a candidate with a criminal history is hired and commits a new offense, the Monday morning quarterbacking will permanently damage the career of the HR professional who made the hire.