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Employers in the Golden State have the legal right to establish policies and limits regarding vacation time, giving them the option to reject your request in certain circumstances. However, no employer may use discriminatory factors like race, gender, or religion to reject a vacation request.

Why did my boss say no to my vacation request?

  1. Your request to take time off may be denied by your employer if it does not qualify as FMLA leave.
  2. Find out from your manager why your request was denied, and if that doesn’t help, speak with a human resources representative about filing an appeal.

Is it illegal for an employer to deny vacation?

Requests for time off during non-peak periods may be denied by employers for operational reasons. Vacation time is subject to the discretion of the employer if the employee and employer are unable to reach an agreement.

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What if my boss says I can’t take a vacation?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) are laws that all California employers must follow. Employers are not obligated to grant employees’ requests to use vacation or paid time off, but they do have the right to do so.

Can your employer make you come to work on your day off?

If you have a day off scheduled in your contract, your employer must honor that. A company cannot force you to work on your day off or fire you for refusing to do so unless it is specifically prohibited by law or in your written employment contract. At least for hourly workers, there is some good news.

Can a company really refuse to give me a vacation day?

But your company has the right to dictate how and when you use your vacation time. In accordance with California law, an employer may prohibit vacation on specific days or weeks. The employer is within their rights to refuse a request for time off if it falls within a blackout period.

Can a vacation day be a subset of a day off?

Even if you broaden the scope of “days off,” vacation time will still fall within that category. Only by rejecting the given answer and substituting the idea that “days off” can only mean “unpaid time,” “weekends,” or “analogous” can one argue that “vacation days” is not a subset of “days off.” – John Y. Oct. 24 ’11, 22:21

You may be wondering what to do if your request for time off is turned down.

Visit the office of human resources. Krause recommends meeting with HR to “investigate why you have been denied, ask for the policy to be explained again to you, and ask the best way to proceed in this case” if you are still denied vacation time after taking these steps. Then “do as they say.”

Is there a limit on how many vacation days an employee can take?

However, employers are permitted by law to set caps on the number of vacation days their workers can accumulate. If you work for a company that only allows 10 days off per year but has a 30-day maximum vacation allowance, and you don’t take any vacation days for the first three years, you won’t be able to increase your salary in the fourth year until you’ve used some of your vacation days.