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The first thing you need to do is go to the NSDL portal to get your e-pan download. Second, fill in your personal information like birth date, PAN, and the Captcha code. Third, get the e-PAN for nothing by clicking the “submit” button.

Can I get original PAN card online?

PAN – APPLY ONLINE A new PAN allocation request can be submitted online. If you already have a PAN but need to make some changes or have your card reprinted, you can do so online as well.

Just how much does it set you back to get a second PAN card?

Fees for PAN Card Replacements and Alterations If you need a replacement PAN card issued, or if your current PAN information needs updating, you can do so here. One hundred and ten rupees (Rs. 110) is due from applicants; this covers the Rs. 93.00 processing fee in addition to the 18% GST.

Lost PAN Card? Here's How you can Download Instant e-PAN in 10 Minutes

Is a paper version of the Instant PAN card available?

This service is available to PAN holders who have had their most recent PAN application processed by NSDL e-Gov or who have obtained their PAN using the “Instant e-PAN” facility on the e-filling portal of ITD. …

How can I reapply for lost PAN card online?

Online Replacement of a Misplaced Pan Card

  1. To submit a PAN application online, visit the TIN-NSDL website and look for the relevant link there.
  2. To reprint your PAN card, click the link provided. Should something happen to your PAN Card, such as its loss, theft, or misplacement, this is the option you should select.

How can I download my PAN card by name and date of birth?

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Learn more about your Personal Access Number by visiting the e-Filing website.
  2. Please use the format DD/MM/YYYY to provide your birthdate or company’s incorporation date.
  3. Start with your last name, then add any middle names and first names you want to be known by.
  4. Simply key in the Captcha Code that appears on the screen.
  5. Just hit the “Submit” button. The Following Information Will Be Provided to You:

When can I expect to receive my new PAN card?

Just how long will it take to get a new PAN Card issued? Ans. After applying for a duplicate PAN Card, you should receive it within a week to two weeks.

Whenever a PAN card is misplaced, what proof of identity must be provided instead?

Individuals Who Have Lost Their PAN Cards and Need to Submit Replacement Forms

  • The original Aadhaar card, and a photocopy.
  • A photocopy of the voter identification card.
  • A valid driver’s license photocopy.
  • Passport photocopy.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s Ration card showing their picture.
  • Permit for the Arm, reproduced in photographic form.

Is there a way to get a duplicate PAN card?

Be sure to include a copy of the FIR reporting the loss of your old PAN card and a detailed description of how you misplaced it. To obtain a replacement PAN card, a fresh application must be submitted. A duplicate PAN card should always be carried for safety.

How to request for reprint of PAN card?

Individuals whose most recent PAN application was processed by NSDL e-Gov or… can take advantage of this service to request a new PAN card. You can get a free electronic PAN card right here (for PANs issued or updated within the last 30 days and confirmed by ITD). Three Fees for a New PAN Card: More …

In what ways can I utilize my PAN card?

New PAN card applications, corrections and changes to existing PAN data, and requests for duplicate or replacement lost or damaged PAN cards are all examples of services provided by the agency.

Please tell me the procedure for changing my PAN card number.

Go to the website of the financial service NSDL. Enter your current PAN card number to have it replaced or reprinted. First-time PAN card applicants should use the appropriate discount code. The captcha must be entered after the code or PAN number has been typed in.